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Many dog owners are turning to homemade treats verses store-bought or processed treats and snacks. The health benefits of homemade dog treats parallel our human need to snack healthier and live healthier lives, so it only makes sense that we not only want the best nutrition for ourselves, but also for our canine companions.

Some health benefits of homemade dog treats include:

Safety: After the extensive commercial dog food contamination incidents, it is worth it to know what your dog is eating. By baking or purchasing homemade dog treats, dog owners have more control and options about what to feed their pets and what is actually going into their dog’s snacks. Homemade treats can and should be prepared chemical free. Chemicals and preservatives found in commercialized dog treats can actually harm dogs according to research and according to many researchers, the chemicals found in many commercial treats, snacks and food products, impede good behavior, due to the way the chemicals interact with a dog’s delicate brain. In some studies, researchers have also found that chemicals contained in commercialized dog snacks can even cause aggressive behavior.